2010-01-21 в 14:24 

"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." - Sir James Dewer
I'm only dreaming about it! ))))
Sometimes I forget a translation of one word or another, though. From English to Russian mostly. It helps if there are people around you who knows English as well) Or those who can understand your energetic gesticulation :gigi:

2010-10-15 в 23:29 

Aha-ha, nice)))
Yeah, it happens quite often)) Mostly I mix two or more foreign languages, but... you know I also use a lot of English words and constructions in Russian)) Thanx God my both parents are interpreters, so... there are no promlems with misunderstanding)))

2010-10-16 в 00:01 

Do you always have your parents with you then? :D

2010-10-16 в 00:09 

small_q No!) And I thought about it right when I'd finished that sentence :-D
Yeah, in case I'm somewhere out I usually catch myself watching my language :-D

2010-10-16 в 12:58 

Aww, such a waste of your parents' profession :-P

2010-10-16 в 17:29 

small_q What do you mean?)

2010-10-16 в 17:41 

Well, since they're interperters, it would be nice to let them work for you ;)
I'm sure they woudl've given you 100% "relative" discount :)

2010-10-16 в 18:01 

small_q ha, in this sense, yeah))) I'm alredy their tutee and it's free) while nowadays this kind of enjoyment is not a cheap one))) so you are totally right about 100% "relative" discount))

and work for me... Yet it's a pleasure when I can do smth for them)))

2010-10-16 в 18:03 

small_q and sorry for the off top, but: I really wonder what are you?)

2010-10-16 в 19:02 

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question. What am I? I'm a human (not a robot if you were wondering).

2010-10-17 в 00:44 

small_q "What are you?" means "What's your profession/job/occupation... What do you do?" ;-)

2010-10-17 в 08:14 

"What are you?" means "What's your profession/job/occupation... What do you do?" ;-)
Not really. At least not out of the blue. In fact, it could be rather insulting in a conversation not involving any private details prior to that question.

I'm an engineer. Software QA engineer. Why?

2010-10-17 в 18:41 

Not really
it's a common expression... )

not involving any private details
ok) I'm not sure I got everything you wanted to say, but ok) Let's not involve private data))

It was just interesting))) Nevermind)))

2010-10-17 в 22:52 

Sorry, I'm afraid I've been unclear here.
What I was trying to say is that there are unspoken rules of using this expression. When used with no apparent connection to the topic, it might imply that the validity of your opponent's arguments is questioned.

In our conversation we were discussing your parents, but not you nor me disclosed any information about each other. I wasn't offended though, just surprised. And I'm curious about you as well ;)


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