A poll))

Got a question)) I think everyone understand that all of us make mistakiiies from time to time. The question is: do we want others to rub our noses into the fact point them out?

Вопрос: Do we?
1. Yes 
15  (68.18%)
2. No 
1  (4.55%)
3. I'm a Dalek and I do not care. 
2  (9.09%)
4. ExTeRmInAtE! 
4  (18.18%)
Всего: 22

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2010-01-13 в 15:27 

Мегакрендель: заколебарь, жаболекарь, зомболекарь, лежебокарь
I am purfect, I not make mistakes!

2010-01-13 в 15:43 

Making science sexy
Added a new option to the poll)
El, I hope, you don't mind :laugh:

2010-01-13 в 17:54 

5. This poll rocks :)

Laughter aside, those who don't want to be corrected can always state that in their posts.


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