hi, guys. I`ve read this russian post and thought that we could do the same in english. why not? It`s really interesting.
tell 5-10 facts about your friends or relatives. you can do it in any form you like
my friends

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2011-02-06 в 13:06 

Making science sexy
Haha, great idea!

1. Is very loving and caring
2. Has a gist of underatanding what people really think and feel, very compassionate
3. Wants to double her eyelids, is going to have a plastic surgery
4. Has a very sweet firly style and vision in her designer's works
5. Loves cooking
6. Is crazy about loosing weight
7. Such an indoor person, very hard to take out if not planned 3 days in advanced
8. Dreams of true love
9. Makes you feel special
10. Loves "Pride and Prejudice" the book

1. Is the cutest Chinese I've ver seen
2. So warm and open and friendly
3. Is engaged
4. Is a professional 3D animator
5. Loves reading
6. Has a handsome brother ^^
7, Has a peculiar taste in clothes, but it always looks very nice on her
8. Loves China more than Australia :conf3:
9. Is a wonderful and welcoming hostess
10. Gives you so much and asks for nothing in return
11. ALWAYS looks amazingly beautiful on photos

2011-02-08 в 12:37 

5. watches cartoons and porn at the same time
that's... peculiar :)


1. Has a train engine in her bottom and drives every job to completion by sheer force of will;
2. Loves shoes;
3. Is a great mommy;
4. Very elegant;
5. Works on TV;
6. Loves coffee but refuses to admit it :D
7. Is incredibly resourceful, both in physical and in mental spheres;
8. My oldest friend O_O
9. Doesn't read books lately;
10. Is on diet.


1. Pretends to be shy, but not really;
2. Has great imagination;
3. Has awful spelling and grammar problems;
4. Will someday write a book;
5. Sticks to what he choses;
6. Doesn't trust people;
7. Likes Ian Banks and Scott Westerfeld;
8. Built himself an amazing swinging bookshelf;
9. Is a big boss;
10. Looks very strong.


1. Speaks 3 languages freely and understands 2 more;
2. Works very hard;
3. Despite work, has time for fun;
4. Doesn't sleep very much;
5. Is constantly dieting;
6. Loves instant noodles;
7. Speaks optimistically even when it doesn't make sense to be;
8. Inpires people around her;
9. Loves smart books and movies;
10. Knows what she wants.


1. Knows all bars in this city, at least by name;
2. Is unbearably smart but knows not what to do with her head;
3. Went really long way professionally in the last year;
4. Wears crazy clothes;
5. And still looks incredibly feminine in all of them;
6. Listens to so much different music!
7. Reads about three books in a month;
8. Sometimes forgets that people have to sleep;
9. Loves photography;
10. Takes great pictures but rarely shares them.


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