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Макс Планк смотрит на тебя, как на дерьмо
I know it's not exactly the right place to post this question, but since you're so nice and speak English...
So guys.
How does one deal with Analytical Writing section of GRE, if said one, while otherwise talented (read: math geek), couldn't put two words together even in native language even to save her life? The only plan I could come up with is pretty similar to this

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2010-10-17 в 13:11 

well, I understood only the second part of this questoin and I feel like a shit.

2010-10-18 в 18:25 

You might want to start writing critical essays on any topic you can find. I was told this helps to at least stop panicking. although I so totally second this plan - and I don't even have to do it!

2010-10-24 в 00:40 

That grain of salt is the supernovae
Well, they say that practice makes perfect, right? So just write!
And if the certain one is so good with math, it should be so much easier for her to write a clear, logically organized essay.
Moreover, it's not like her English needs to be as good as her math....


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