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Writing a story (sentence-by-sentence)

Making science sexy
And this is another game.
Here we write not a word, but a whole sentence.

I'll start.

It was around 5am when I forsed myself to open my eyes.


Writing a story together (word-by-word)

Making science sexy
Let's create a story word-by-word.

I start. The next player adds 1 word, the next one adds another, etc.



Making science sexy
So, guys, what are you reading now?
Anything in English?

As for me, I am reading trying to start reading 'The Dune' and listening to 'P.S. I love you' in an audiobook version.
Plus - yeah - I keep reading too many blogs, which slowly kills my English. Because the most common words in my vocabulary now are "sucks", "awesome", etc.
It seems like I REALLY forgot all the proper synonyms of "it sucks".

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