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Blog about differences between British and American English

Separated by a Common Language.

It doesn't talk about obvious and well-known differences (like 'cell' and 'mobile' or 'pants' and 'trousers'), but rather about less obvious and often quite unexpected differences like 'pumps' and 'court shoes' or meaning of 'dressing' (it could mean both 'seasoning' and 'stuffing', imagine that!).

The blog also has some pretty awesome people following it so make sure to check the comments section as well!

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For people ailing to pass TOEFL

TOEFL IBT experience description.
Might be useful for people unsure of themselves (there're good preparation tactics mentioned) and people very sure of themselves too (hidden stones and ways to prepare for them).

Might be also useful to people taking other tests.


Lynn Visson "Where Russians Go Wrong in Spoken English"

Wonderful avva recommended a good book about troubles Russians have with English language. It's not about grammar or pronunciation, but about differences in cultural background and mentality, lack of knowledge about American lifestyle and unspoken traditions.

It seems a little bit outdated, but still will be a big help for someone wishing to understand English beyond word-for-word translation.

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Kate Fox - Watching the English

Would anyone be interested in reading this wonderful book together? Perhaps by posting parts of it to the community and discussing it in the comments?

Kate Fox is an anthropologist who devoted her life to the research of various aspects of English life. She started out mostly focusing on violent behaviour and studying of unusual groups of people, such as horse-racers, but this book, Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour, is mostly about hidden, everyday stuff that people tend to overlook, ignore or not wonder about.


Small sample of the text

I highly recommend this book even if no one is interested in public reading. It's very entertaining and smart, and will make you laugh more often than not.

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Sad story or source of entertainment: Russian with English grammar and vice versa

You know that you have had enough English around you when you say: «ты делаешь меня выглядеть маленьким».

Raise your hand those who caught themselves mixing up two languages' grammar after a particularly intense dive into other culture!

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