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Мегакрендель: заколебарь, жаболекарь, зомболекарь, лежебокарь
Some completely useless (but nevertheless funny) information from Wikipedia:

Jigging, not to be confused with gigging, is the practice of fishing with a jig.
Gigging, not to be confused with jigging, is a practice of hunting suckers, flounder or frogs with a gig.


Мегакрендель: заколебарь, жаболекарь, зомболекарь, лежебокарь
Probably nobody of you knows the answer, but anyway. It's about algebra.

Well, you certainly know what a field is. I mean, a piece of land where some grass is growing and some sheep are grazing and so on. Now, in algebra a field is a set where two binary operations are defined and certain axioms are satisfied. For example, the real numbers form a field.

As you may know, in Russian (and in many other languages), just as in English, the same word is used for fields (in algebraic sense) and for grasslands. By the contrary, in such languages as German or Spanish (and, of course, not only there) mathematical fields are called bodies. You know, two legs and two arms (sometimes fewer), a head etc.

Does everybody know the origins of that field/body split?

Some additional confusion arises due to the fact that there is also a thing called body in Russian mathematical terminology (that's how they call a division ring).

P.S.: What the hell is a Dalek? How the hell do you pronounce it? Everybody seems to be talking about Daleks in this community.

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