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apple blossom
does any of you, nice people, have a tumblr blog?

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Live. Die. Repeat.
Hello there!

I've been browsing the Intenet and found an article that read Today Realore is known as a successful developer and publisher that provides a full range of services including games' producing, distributing and marketing.

And this "games' producing" feels wierd to me, I'm not sure you can write so. And it really stuck to me, but different grammar readings don't quite help.
What do you think?

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John Browns body
Макс Планк смотрит на тебя, как на дерьмо
I know it's not exactly the right place to post this question, but since you're so nice and speak English...
So guys.
How does one deal with Analytical Writing section of GRE, if said one, while otherwise talented (read: math geek), couldn't put two words together even in native language even to save her life? The only plan I could come up with is pretty similar to this

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I have two questions))

1) Does anybody have a blog (besides this one) where he or she writes in English? Maybe you're on blogger or LJ... or whatever)))
Let's gather;-)

2) Do you watch any series in the original? What are they?)

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Нет ничего более вечного, чем то, что обмотано синей изолентой.
Um, today in my English class we found some mismatch in use of closing phrases in letters, "Yours sincerely" and "Yours faithfully". The Oxford Dictionary said that the first is used to close letter when recipient is addressed by name and the second is used when he is not. But in workbook they were used the other way. And I also stumbled upon similar usage at one English site. Can someone explain this to me?

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молодой динамично развивающийся
Listen, if A.O. “Nashville’s-the-Greatest-Movie-Ever” Scott can recommend a film aimed at video-game-junkie twentysomethings, whose themes and characters are as important to him as a Surgeon General’s Warnings is to Don Draper, there’s probably something there.

Please help me understand what the HELL does it mean.

The quote is taken from this article -- goo.gl/2UHr

upd: another mystery solved

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Жизнь бьет ключом... больно и по голове!
I read book. My English isn't perfect and I can't translate this phrase - strands of long.
who know how it songs on Russian? All phrase - I woke up, strands of long, dark hair sticking to my forehead.
I can understand approximately translate "strands of long" here. But may be this is idiom, and I don't know it.

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Sad story or source of entertainment: Russian with English grammar and vice versa

You know that you have had enough English around you when you say: «ты делаешь меня выглядеть маленьким».

Raise your hand those who caught themselves mixing up two languages' grammar after a particularly intense dive into other culture!

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Good day everyone)

Жизнь бьет ключом... больно и по голове!
I read what you wrote and understand... I'm stupid... When I was in America, I understood most than now. Need to read a books on English and remember.
Sorry for my English. :shy:
And I need your help. I have a written test. I made all tasks except one. Have a sentence, need write questions to each word. It's easy!- think I, but this sentence so foolish...

"Today England is one of the leading countries in the world"

1. When do England is one of the leading countries in the world? Is it correct?
2. Which countries is one of the leading countries in the world?
3. Which England is Today?..

Don't now. What else? Is it correct? Yes, I now, it's easy, but not with this sentence((

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A poll))

Got a question)) I think everyone understand that all of us make mistakiiies from time to time. The question is: do we want others to rub our noses into the fact point them out?

Вопрос: Do we?
1. Yes 
15  (68.18%)
2. No 
1  (4.55%)
3. I'm a Dalek and I do not care. 
2  (9.09%)
4. ExTeRmInAtE! 
4  (18.18%)
Всего: 22

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