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Let's talk about weather!

"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." - Sir James Dewer
Hiya, guys!

I'm kind of new fellow in your group. I know, everybody hates these endless greetings for the hell of it but don't worry. I'm not one of them, I've got a very good topic to discuss.
Weather! :gigi:
Well, yeah, you can remark that it's outdated and pretty boring but let's put it this way: each of us will write the temperature in his city down, say how it affects him or her (any complaints are acceptable (in the network of this community)) and dream about the temperature she or he would like to have instead of present one. How does it sound?

I'll be first.
It's about 25 degrees below zero in Saint-Petersburg. Very cold. I feel frozen all the time. Would you like to know how many clothes I'm wearing in order to keep myself warm? )))) Absolutely unbelievable quantity of calid clothes! Two pair of socks among them)))

The worst is the situation in my college. They say the central heating system is working but we don't feel it. We have terribly cold classrooms and lessons seem to go on forever. At home you can overload yourself with hot tea or coffee and bury in warm blankets. Obviously, you cannot do it at study. Besides, we are not allowed to wear overclothes inside. Absolutely stupid rule in these weather conditions, don't you think? We are breaking the rule, of course, but it's not very helpful. We still feel cold and it makes us to play hooky. :D I'm so grateful that I'm not working at the moment. You're not allowed to play hooky at work, are you?

So, it's understandable that right now I'd like to be in California or in some warm place in Australia. :lip: Actually, I'd like to live there all the time, not temporarily. :shuffle2: Would you like to live in another country, by the way, or do you like your native country no matter what?

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