Writing a story together (word-by-word)

Making science sexy
Let's create a story word-by-word.

I start. The next player adds 1 word, the next one adds another, etc.



Making science sexy
So, guys, what are you reading now?
Anything in English?

As for me, I am reading trying to start reading 'The Dune' and listening to 'P.S. I love you' in an audiobook version.
Plus - yeah - I keep reading too many blogs, which slowly kills my English. Because the most common words in my vocabulary now are "sucks", "awesome", etc.
It seems like I REALLY forgot all the proper synonyms of "it sucks".


Чертовски упрямая маленькая птичка. (c)
I've read the rules. Clause 7 is really good. I do like it. But how can you see, whether members and guests obey it or not?


Aand here we go)))

The First Post)) Here we go with our blog where everyone can write about everything he or she wants to write about with only one condition - it should be in English))
Got any questions, complaints, suggestions, compliments on our universal wisdom and awesomeness? speak out))

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